My Books

Although you can find all my books for sale on Smashwords, I thought I’d put a list of them here. I hope it will continue to grow. These are listed from newest to oldest. Just click the title to be taken directly to the Smashwords page.

The Count

A chance encounter in a bondage club introduces Maeve to a strange young man with a shameful thirst.

Doctor Wolter’s Amazing Contraption

Elizabeth’s husband goes off to war two days after their wedding. Three months later, lonely and sick with worry, she turns to Doctor Wolter who promises that his treatments will, “stimulate and invigorate while at the same time inducing a delightfully relaxed state of mind.” It does that, and a lot more.


In this non-consensual story a young woman is held captive by her father, subjected to a variety of humiliations, and sold to his friends. But one man shows her kindness. Combining incest, water sports, a gang rape, and more, Lipstick is not for the faint of heart.

Wolves and Wild Things

A collection of three erotic short stories with canine heroes. In The Sacrifice, a young woman is a willing victim to the wolf/god of her small village. In The Shortcut Home, a girl finds more than a new path through the woods. In The Night Train, a chance encounter leads to a wild time in a train compartment.